For 2018 we have selected "The Bookery" to be our main charity recipient from the Car Show. 

You can find more information on their website at

"Libraries are important for any school. They are quiet, safe places where children can study, improve their literacy and pick up a love of reading.

The access to books helps children to grow their knowledge, creativity and understanding of the world. Despite these benefits, over 90% of government schools in South Africa do not have functional libraries. This shortage is most keenly felt in poor communities, where there are few quiet and stable learning environments, and where most homes do not have books. 

 To address this problem, The Bookery has committed to work with schools and partners to provide and support sustainable, functional libraries in under-resourced South African government schools. 

 Our vision is to create a model that government and other organisations can adopt and develop to give all learners in South Africa access to this valuable resource of learning."

They are also on Facebook at

If you know of a worthy cause that could use some help, please contact us and send us their info.

Free, secure parking has been arranged at Timour Hall Primary School.  Entry in Gabriel Road opposite the Engen garage.
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